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The Warrior Of Treasures 2 Skull Hunter

Release: The.Warrior.Of.Treasures.2.Skull.Hunter-TiNYiSO

The Warrior Of Treasures 2 Skull Hunter

Introduction:Sequel to The Warrior Of Treasures game. Be again the hero warrior in this medieval adventure game. Your mission is to find 6 different magic skulls in every level. There is at least 6 skulls in every level, there may be more but player need find six skulls.. When player find those 6 hidden magic skulls level is completed.Game contains 13 Different levels with different enemies, like skeleton archery enemy and 2 different enemies with sword and axe.Player can pick-up different weapons, like sword, Axe and Bow in different levels. Bow weapon needs arrows that it can be used.Also different armors like helmet, shield etc is available and hidden in every level. Those armors gives player more shield when fight against enemies. Player can transfer collected items from inventory to Action bar which have now 4 slots and use those items via number buttons during game. Player has also stamina/energy system. Stamina will be recuded during fight and when player runs.So be the hero and and kill enemies and find hidde magic skulls in this medieval platformer/adventure gameFeatures:- Inventory system and action bar- Item pick-up system- Lot of different weapons: Axe, Sword and Bow- Different armors: Shield, Helmet, Leggins, Steel breatplate- Health pick-ups- Arrow pick-ups- Different enemies: - 2 different enemies with sword and Axe - Skeleton enemy warrior with Bow- 13 different levelsplannes updates:- Bugfixes- New levels


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